How It Works

A. Register

Fill out our short registration form and submit it. Your account will be automatically created, and an activation SMS sent to the mobile number you supplied. Follow the instructions in the SMS to activate your account. You are now ready to go PRO.

B. Log In

Supply your registered and correct email address and password to access the system. Please check for spelling and casing errors as this may prevent a smooth access.

You may use the ‘Forgotten Password’ feature to reset your password. Once your email address is verified, a new password will be sent to your email address. Use this to log in.

C. Manage Subscribers and Contacts

MyTxtBox Pro lets you organize your contacts in as many groups as necessary. Simply create a group and implement how you would like the feed each group with contacts. You may manually upload your contacts from a Microsoft Excel CSV file or let your contacts subscribe via website embed forms or SMS to short code 1945.

D. Manage Messaging Campaigns

MyTxtBox Pro opens up more messaging options for you and your organisation; SMS, Voice, Email, SMSAds and soon MMS and Video Broadcasts. MyTxtBox Pro makes mobile and electronic campaign management very easy with few clicks to create, save and send campaigns.

E. Track Campaign Reports

Using state-of-the-art data tracking technology, MyTxtBox Pro is an excellent tool for tracking the progress of your messaging campaigns. Delivery reports are tracked per recipient so you will know who received what message at what time.

F. Account Configuration

MyTxtBox Pro ‘Settings’ gives you full control of your account to edit login credentials. You may also link up your account with an existing MyTxtBox account to import your contacts and credits.

Send Personal SMS with MYtxtBOX Lite Service enabled by SMSGH in partnership with nCodeDev Labs